Insurance for crafters who sell their handmade products at markets, fairs, events and online

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Case Studies

Sarah makes her own candles and bath products and sells these at local craft fairs on a regular basis. She has recently expanded her business and now also sells the same products on Etsy. She currently has Public and Products Liability insurance with CMTIA with a limit of £5,000,000. This policy will automatically cover Sarah’s online sales and she does not need to inform us of the changes unless her turnover from online sales exceed £50,000 per year.

Dave creates handmade Christmas decorations and is looking to sell these at Christmas markets during November and December. Dave has booked multiple markets so will be employing a friend to man the stall on days he cannot. In this situation, Dave would need to purchase Public, Products and Employers’ Liability insurance.

Employers' Liability

You need this by law if you employ people

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Public & Products Liabilty

This protects you from third party claims for injury or damage to property

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Frequently Asked Questions

Public Liability covers you if someone, other than an Employee, holds you legally liable for death, or injury suffered, or property damage caused, because of your business activities.  For example, if a customer tripped over a box at your stall and was injured , they could bring a claim against you.

Products Liability covers you if, someone, other than an Employee, holds you legally liable for death, or injury suffered, because of products supplied or sold by you.  For example, if a customer injured themselves because of a sharp object found in a piece of jewellery which broke through no fault of their own, they could bring a claim against you.

Employer’s Liability covers you if an Employee holds you legally liable for death, or injury suffered, whilst undertaking business activities on your behalf. 

Employers’ Liability is nearly always required by law where there is a duty of care owed to people who help you with your business activities.  You can check whether you need Employers’ Liability insurance here.

The definition of an Employed Person is anyone under a contract of service or apprenticeship, anyone undertaking work on your behalf, self-employed persons undertaking work on your behalf, persons hired or borrowed by you from another employer and volunteers or persons undertaking work experience or training schemes.

Employers’ Liability insurance can only be purchased in conjunction with a Public Liability policy and comes with £10,000,000 of cover as standard.

The annual premium for £5,000,000 Public and Products Liability is £59.00.

To include Employers’ Liability, the premium will be £87.00.

If you would like higher limits of indemnity for Public and Products Liability (£10,000,000) prices increase to £70.50 and £98.50 (with Employers’ Liability).

Our one day Public Liability policy is £23.00 for £5,000,000 Limit of Indemnity or £28.00 for £10,000,000 Limit of Indemnity.

All prices quoted are inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) at 12% and an £8 administration fee.

You can renew your policy online here or call us on 0208 102 9400 to renew and pay for your policy over the phone.

All claims are dealt with by your insurer, AXA Insurance UK plc. To report a claim, please contact them directly on 0345 900 4185 (option 3).

You will need the following details which can be found on your certificate of insurance:

  • Scheme policy number (this begins BL BDX, followed by 7 numbers)
  • Policy number (this begins SMT, followed by 5 numbers)
  • Name of the insured

CMTIA and Combined Market Traders Insurance Association are trading names of Hayes Parsons Limited, an independent, Chartered Insurance Broker based in Bristol. If you call or email us, you will speak to our experienced market trader team in the Hayes Parsons office. You can find out more about Hayes Parsons here.

CMTIA has several pricing options for crafters. The cost of craft insurance will depend on a number of factors: 

  • Which insurance product you have chosen 
  • The amount of cover you choose 
  • If you have any employees 

The easiest way to find out how much insurance costs is to get a quote online.  

Before answering the question of whether you need handmade craft insurance it is important to understand where you plan to sell your products. For most online craft marketplaces, you don’t legally need insurance to sell your crafts.  But before letting you sell at a craft fair, the fair organisers will want confirmation that you have an insurance policy covering Public and Products Liability risks, with a minimum cover limit of either of £5,000,000 or £10,000,000. 

Our handmade craft Insurance is for UK residents who make soap, cosmetics, jewellery, handmade cards and candles.  Whether you are a sole trader, private individual or craft hobbyist, we can help. 

Craft stall insurance is suitable for any business, or individual, who manufactures its own products and sells them at fairs or markets. 

Having insurance to run a craft stall or business is not a legal requirement. However, if you employ non-family members, or use temporary workers, helpers or volunteers, you need to have Employers’ Liability insurance. This would cover you for claims against you should your employees, and others who are acting on your behalf, suffer injury (or death) while they are working for you.

Crafters liability insurance from CMTIA was created to give excellent protection at a reasonable cost for craft vendors. 

Public and Products Liability insurance for crafters 

Public Liability insurance for crafters provides financial protection against third party injury and property damage claims caused by your business activities, including market-stall selling and attending exhibitions or fairs.  Products Liability insurance for crafters provides financial protection against third party injury or property damage claims caused by the products manufactured or sold by you. 

Employers’ Liability insurance for crafters 

Employer’s Liability provides financial protection should employees (including casual workers, work experience or temporary staff and volunteers) suffer death or injury whilst undertaking activities on your behalf and hold you legally liable.

No, like many online craft marketplaces, Etsy doesn’t require sellers to have insurance.

No, you don’t need insurance to make and sell soap. However, due to the use of allergens and potentially corrosive chemicals, you should definitely consider taking out Public and Products Liability insurance. 

For most craft insurance products, you do not need to be a registered business before applying for a policy.   

Yes, cover is provided so long as you do not sell to those who are located in USA or Canada and your annual income from all online sales does not exceed £50,000.