Insurance for crafters who sell their handmade products at markets, fairs, events and online

Quick and easy online

Products Liability automatically included for
handmade products

Online sales automatically
covered including via third
party sites such as Etsy


Sarah makes her own candles and bath products and sells these at local craft fairs on a regular basis. She has recently expanded her business and now also sells the same products on Etsy. She currently has Public and Products Liability insurance with CMTIA with a limit of £5,000,000. This policy will automatically cover Sarah’s online sales and she does not need to inform us of the changes unless her turnover from online sales exceed £50,000 per year.

Dave creates handmade Christmas decorations and is looking to sell these at Christmas markets during November and December. Dave has booked multiple markets so will be employing a friend to man the stall on days he cannot. In this situation, Dave would need to purchase Public, Products and Employers’ Liability insurance.

Employers' Liability

You need this by law if you employ people

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Public & Products Liabilty

This protects you from third party claims for injury or damage to property

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