Event & Festival Traders

Insurance for traders at any licensed, stall-based event including festivals, carnivals, street parties and pop-up events

Quick and easy online

Option to increase Public and Products Liability to £10,000,000 which is often required for large events

No limit on the number of
events you can trade at, as long
as they take place on different
days or at different times


Max sells handmade tiaras and hair decorations; she has previously sold these at her local craft market and already has Public and Products Liability insurance with CMTIA. She has decided to take a stall at several music festivals during the summer months in order to sell her product. Her current insurance policy will automatically extend to cover the music festivals but one of the festivals has requested a higher limit of indemnity of £10,000,000. Max can easily increase her cover by calling the CMTIA team and a new certificate of insurance will be emailed to her the same day.

Sam creates handmade cakes and brownies and has been asked to take a stall at a street party for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee . Sam has never sold his products before and has been told he needs to get Public Liability insurance. An insurance policy from CMTIA would suit Sam’s needs, and will automatically include Products Liability, vital cover if you are selling food or drink. If the street party is a success, Sam may look to attend other ad-hoc events throughout the year; these would be covered by the same insurance policy.

Employers' Liability

You need this by law if you employ people

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Public & Products Liabilty

This protects you from third party claims for injury or damage to property

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