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What is a one day policy?

If you are not sure if trading at a market or selling your products is going to be a success, a one day policy will give you Public Liability cover whilst you decide. One day cover is just that: Public Liability for a specific day at a specific place.  

This may also be suitable if you are a charity doing a one-off fundraising event such as a bake sale. 

Any of the trades we can insure can qualify for a one day policy.

Employers' Liability

You need this by law if you employ people

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Public & Products Liabilty

This protects you from third party claims for injury or damage to property

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Frequently Asked Questions

Public Liability covers you if someone, other than an Employee, holds you legally liable for death, or injury suffered, or property damage caused, because of your business activities.  For example, if a customer tripped over a box at your stall and was injured , they could bring a claim against you.

Products Liability covers you if someone, other than an Employee, holds you legally liable for death, or injury suffered, because of products supplied or sold by you.  For example, if a customer injured themselves because of a sharp object found in a piece of jewellery which broke through no fault of their own, they could bring a claim against you.

Employers’ Liability covers you if an Employee  holds you legally liable for death, or injury suffered, whilst undertaking business activities on your behalf.  

Employers’ Liability is nearly always required by law where there is a duty of care owed to people who help you with your business activities.  To check whether Employers’ Liability may be needed for your business, please click here.  

The definition of an Employed Person is anyone under a contract of service or apprenticeship, anyone undertaking work on your behalf, self-employed persons undertaking work on your behalf, persons hired or borrowed by you from another employer and volunteers or persons undertaking work experience or training schemes.

Employers’ Liability insurance can only be purchased in conjunction with a Public Liability policy and comes with £10,000,000 of cover as standard.

Yes, you can have up to three business partners or family members named on the policy. If you have employ people, you will also need to purchase Employers’ Liability insurance.  Employees are not named on the policy. 

We can cover trading at a wide variety of events including:

  • Markets
  • Shows (not including air shows)
  • Fairs, including trade fairs
  • Street parties
  • Carnivals
  • Farmers markets
  • Festivals
  • Events on a licensed pitch (local authority licensed or where private landowner has given permissions)

This is unlimited throughout the year, however you can only trade at one event or market at any one time. If you trade at more than one event or market at a time you will need a separate policy for each location.  Should you have two stalls on the same market, for example, at the same time, then a separate policy would be required for each location/stall.

If you need further clarification, please contact us on 0208 102 2400.

The main exclusions on the policy are:

 ·        Aviation and hovercraft products

·        Safety critical motor products

·        Firework products

·        How work activities (other than cooking of food)

·        Products sold to USA or Canada, whether knowingly or unknowingly

·        Second hand electrical products

·        Vaping and e-cigarettes including replacement liquids chargers and accessories

·        Treatment (whether be physical, mental, or cosmetic) other than sale of proprietary cosmetics

·        Product recall or rectification of defects

·        Delivery of Professional Services unfortunately cannot provide cover if you sell the following products:

For further details, please see the summary of cover and policy wording

All claims are dealt with by your insurer, AXA Insurance UK plc. To report a claim, please contact them directly on 0345 900 4185 (option 3).

To report a claim, you will need the following details which can be found on your certificate of insurance:

  • Scheme policy number (this begins BL BDX, followed by 7 numbers)
  • Policy number (this begins SMT, followed by 5 numbers)
  • Name of the policyholder

You can find out more information here.