Best Places to Sell Handmade Crafts  

If you make unique handmade jewellery, colourful crochet creations or any other handcrafted item, you may be wondering how to sell handmade items online.  

Although selling handmade items in the UK can seem overwhelming at first, in this article we’ll break it down into a list of the best craft selling sites in the UK, from Etsy to MadeMe and more. 

Where to sell handmade items in the UK 

When considering where to sell homemade crafts in the UK, most of the sites below are online marketplaces that allow you to use their platform to sell your products to customers. They usually charge a membership fee or take a commission of your sales, but they can be a great way to grow your business. 


Etsy is the most well-known online shop for crafts and gifts, so it’s ideal if you want to get your product in front of a global audience. However, it does charge a per-item fee for listings and takes a 6.5% commission of your sales, so you will need to work out whether this structure is worth it for you. For more information, read our article how to sell your handmade crafts on Etsy


Folksy is a well-established UK-based online market that was first launched back in 2008. Although only UK sellers are able to trade on the platform, customers from around the world can buy your products. The site is known for having a supportive community of buyers and crafters, and it’s a great UK alternative to Etsy. 


MadeMe is another UK-based store where you can sell your creations online, with the option to disable international shipping if you’d rather just sell to British customers. The website offers a yearly or a monthly subscription, with no additional listing fees or commission fees. 


Although Vinted is better known as a platform for selling second-hand clothes, some people use it to sell their handmade crafts. However, the platform does have some rules and restrictions on the types of items that can be sold – for example, paintings, drawings and home fragrances are not permitted.  

Amazon Handmade 

Amazon Handmade is an Amazon Seller programme that is available via application only, to ensure that your products really are handmade. The application process usually only takes a couple of days, and one of the benefits of this platform is that it is part of the world’s most popular online marketplace. 

Where to sell handmade items for free in the UK? 

Most online marketplaces charge a commission or a fee to sellers for using their platform. The only place you can sell your crafts online that doesn’t charge a fee is Facebook Marketplace, which allows you to sell to people within a 100 mile radius of your location. 
However, it doesn’t let you set up your own separate shop on their platform, and Facebook does not offer seller protection or support if anything goes wrong. 


  • What handmade craft sells best? Although the possibilities for selling crafts as a hobby in the UK are almost endless, some products are more popular than others. Handmade jewellery, candles, pottery and soap are among the best-selling items. 
  • Can you sell handmade things on Vinted?  Yes, you can use Vinted to sell your art and crafts. However, the platform has some restrictions on the types of items you can sell, so it’s important to check this before going ahead. 
  • Do I need insurance to sell crafts online? If you only sell your products online, you are not legally required to have insurance. However, it’s important to note that these websites like Etsy are just selling platforms. If you don’t have your own insurance policy, you will not be covered if any issues arise with your products – for example, if a customer hurts themselves on a piece of sharp jewellery. 
  • What type of insurance do I need? If you’re only selling your products online, it’s a good idea to have Public and Products Liability insurance to protect you against any issues – for example, if a customer develops a rash after using one of your soaps. However, if you’re selling products at a market or another physical location, Public and Products Liability Insurance becomes essential. 


Need insurance for crafters? Visit CMTIA’s crafters insurance page for more information, or read our article about how to sell handmade products online.